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Francois-Olivier Doyon


Born in 1980, François-Olivier Doyon grew up surrounded by music. He first started learning to play the piano when he was five, and moved on to play electric bass in high school. He’s been hooked on that instrument ever since, while also becoming proficient on double bass, harmonica, percussion instruments and vocals.

Doyon moved to Québec City, where he studied classical, jazz and pop music; first at Cégep de Ste-Foy, and then at l’Université Laval. At the same time, he joined various musical groups such as Crescendo, Insomniac, Quintet Stéphanie Laliberté, PopCycle and others. He has played in multiple venues such as l’Emprise de l’Hôtel Clarendon, the Showtime Tabou, the Maurice Night Club and the Dagobert. In 2002, he took part in his first international tour, with the variety act Crescendo.

In the summer of 2005-2006, Doyon was the bass player for Quebecissimme’s best-selling show “Celine Dion a la Bolduc” and their subsequent Christmas show “Decembre.”

In 2007, Doyon joined Québec-based neo-traditional band Mauvais Sort to take part in a tour of 10 American states during the Arts Midwest World Fest. He has been collaborating and touring with the band ever since. In 2008, he was chosen by composer Michel Cusson to join Cavalia, a multi-media production involving 38 riders, aerialists, acrobats, dancers, and musicians, and featuring 45 horses from all over the world. For the next three years, he toured with the production through Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Canada and the United States, playing bass, harmonica and percussion.

When he is not on the road, Doyon can be heard in different clubs and venues in Québec City with his regular band, the 80’s revival act Karma Kameleons.

Hometown : Québec City, Québec