The Queen Extravaganza

The Band


Brian Gresh

Guitar (Not currently touring)

Brian Gresh was on his way to a successful career outside music when Roger Taylor and Brian May of Queen changed his life. Since 2006, he has been working full time as a mechanical engineer for T.D. Williamson, an international pipeline solutions company. But just like the back-flips he performs while playing on stage, being selected as a guitarist for the Queen Extravaganza has turned his life upside down.

Brian started his musical journey as a child, with piano lessons from his mother. For his 11th birthday, he was given his first guitar, a left-handed Stratocaster knock-off. From there, he played in jazz bands through high school and college, as well as playing gigs in local rock bands since the age of 17. Most recently, Brian had been playing in a local band named Smunty Voje. His biggest influences are some of the greatest artists in rock n’ roll: Van Halen, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Randy Rhoads and Queen.

Brian also enjoys composing music and has released an album with one of his previous bands, Megatron. Being chosen for the Queen Extravaganza’s 2012 North American tour is an absolute dream come true for him.

Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma