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Brandon Latest
July 10th 2014


"I’ve been constantly on the road with the musical, We Will Rock You, since touring Europe with Queen Extravaganza. In the week before we start QuEx’s next UK tour, I will have an entire week off. (Imagine that!) I’ll spend it in the Basque Country of northern Spain. As soon as we are done in the UK, I’ll be moving back into my apartment in New York City. I miss my friends in New York and I can’t wait to see them!"


The Queen Extravaganza return to action in September for a UK Tour. Tickets and dates can be found @

(Photo: Jim Templeton-Cross)

Guitar Department Update
July 7th 2014



What I did on my summer holidays by Nick Radcliffe. Aged 40 and 11 months:

"Since the tour I've been mainly renovating my house and trying to avoid nailing my hands to the floor. Along with depping/subbing on 'The Bodyguard' and 'Jersey Boys' in London's West End, I've been filming new content for my teaching website FretHub and have played several gigs in Italy for Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet which is a surprisingly uptempo rock gig - Gold!"

The Queen Extravaganza return to action in September for a UK Tour. Tickets and dates can be found @

(Photo: Jim Templeton-Cross)

QUEX 2014 Tour: Notes From The Road...Part 4
June 15th 2014

part 4


Notes from the road…. 

Queen Extravaganza UK, Europe and Scandinavia 2014

Part Four

For our final edition, you join us having arrived in Copenhagen after a 16 hour journey on our Tour Bus. Thankfully we had a night off on arrival and I took the opportunity to take our hard working crew out for a meal. Some of you might assume this would be a messy affair… roadies on the loose? Sorry to shatter the illusion, but we were all well behaved and had a great night out sampling the best of food and drink that Copenhagen could supply. 

The next day we arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed at a venue I was really looking forward to. We were playing at the DR Studio which is the Danish equivalent to the British BBC. It is a huge complex of buildings recently completed, two years behind schedule and three times over budget.

Security here was huge! We all had to wear electronic badges and when approaching any door the badge had to be swiped and a code entered. Each entrance had double doors to get through. One amusing moment (for our crew) was when I got stuck in a revolving door, which locked down due to what their automated system thought was a security breach! I was eventually rescued by our Stage Manager Nick who took a little longer than really necessary to get me released…

We were all pleasantly surprised at how well the show sold and received by an extremely enthusiastic Danish audience. I am delighted to confirm the money the Danish government invested in the facilities at DR were well worth it! We we all looked after really well by both the Promoter and DR.

Straight after the show we made our way back to the Tour Bus and set off for Norway and the capital, Oslo. Just eight hours travelling this time, which for some of us is pretty close to perfect as you have uninterrupted sleep all the way.

We arrived at our Oslo hotel just before the Miley Cyrus tour arrived. It was celebrity central with The Rolling Stones having just checked out that day, Miley checking in and Cliff Richard in residence for his show in Oslo and to top it all Metallica we checking in as we left the next day for the venue.

The Oslo venue was a beautiful modern theatre in the middle of the city with an “interesting” load in through a lift that came out of the middle of the pavement.

Having said good bye to Sir Cliff, Miley and Metallica we made our way over-night on another 8 hour journey to Stockholm in Sweden.

There are always surprises on tour, but this one took me aback, when getting off the bus at 10am I was greeted by a clown on stilts that was as tall as our bus!

Our venue was part of a huge amusement park on the edge of the river. It was here I grabbed the opportunity to take a photo of the whole band and crew, plus our bus driver. Herding cats comes to mind again to get everyone in one place and still enough for a photo. We nearly succeeded, apart from missing our Truck driver, Andy, who was either showering or in catering (which pretty much sums up what Truck drivers do when not driving!).

We all had a ball in Stockholm and felt ready for our last mammoth journey to Helsinki. This would take 14 hours and included an 11 hour ferry crossing on a boat nicknamed the “Love Boat”. I can appreciate why it has earned this title, but thankfully for us it was a day crossing - even so it was a bit lively on-board being duty free for the whole crossing.

The last show of the tour was Helsinki and it was suitably wild! The Finnish love to party and they were one of the most vocal crowds we’d had all tour. A fitting way to end this fantastic tour.

A big thank you to all of our crew and of course to the ridiculously talented Queen Extravaganza. We had a blast and I hope those who came to see us did too?

See you down the road!


QUEX Tour Manager

QUEX 2014 Tour: Notes From The Road...Part 3
June 3rd 2014


Notes from the road…

Queen Extravaganza UK, Europe and Scandinavia 2014

Part Three

We last left you in Lyon where we were stopping for 12 hours to give the tour bus driver time to sleep and us to get off and have a break!

At the witching hour of midnight our happy band of people got back onboard and we continued our journey to Paris. When we woke eight hours later we were parked in the underground loading area of the famous Olympia.

This was not a usual day, as the crew and I left to start building the show - the band were all up and ready to explore Paris. The difference here was Francois-Olivier had his sister visiting from Quebec City and she was going to show the band the sights of the city - not for the first time the rest of us were just a little jealous of this free time! But C’est La Vie as they might say in Paris!

The venue in Paris is beautiful, and has a long history going back as far as 1888 when it was built and financed by the creator of the Moulin Rouge, it was eventually rebuilt in 1993 when the french government slapped a preservation order on the building to stop it being torn down to make way for a car park. The building has hosted hundreds of international acts including, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Grateful Dead, Jeff Buckley and many more. There is a beautiful bar back stage that is called Marilyn’s which is the last remaining part of the old theatre and the walls are covered with back stage passes and autographs of the good and the great!

Thankfully the band came back from their sightseeing and produced a very memorable performance in front of an energetic Parisian crowd. It helped that we had two French Canadians who spoke the local language at every opportunity, much to the delight of the fans. Marc continues to grow with every performance and is always the consummate professional.

It was an important show for all of us. Our biggest on the European tour and we had six promoters who had come with a view to more shows next year. The promoters were suitably impressed and we are hopeful for a return to France in 2015.

My job is sometimes referred to as similar to herding cats! It was like that trying to persuade everyone to get back on the tour bus - destination Copenhagen and 16 hours later we would be there. I will continue with the last notes summing up our wonderful time in Scandinavia.


QUEX Tour Manager

Queen Extravaganza: Meet The Crew
May 29th 2014


Jon Yeonart - Bus Driver James Adkins (Video / Catalyst Tech), Francois-Olivier Doyon (Bass), Brandon Ethridge (Keyboards), Matt Arthur (Lighting Director), Barney Watson (Keyboard & Drum Tech), Tyler Warren (Drums), Marc Martel (Lead singer), Elisa Martinis (Tour Assistant), Ross Anderson (Monitor Engineer), Nick Radcliffe (Guitars), Oz Bagnall (Front of House Engineer), Paul Bond (Tour Manager) and hiding behind me is Nick Ohl (Guitar Tech & Stage Manager.

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