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Marc's summer update!
July 27th 2014



Hey all! Gather around! Here's some news. This Summer I've been putting the finishing touches on my first full-length album, Impersonator. The official release is set for September 30th, but if you come to one of our UK shows this September, you will be able to pick up an advance copy! I've worked hard over the past year or so writing and recording these songs with some very talented people, and I can't wait for you to hear it. If you're familiar with The Prelude EP from last year, this album is stylistically much more on the "rock" side of things -- much more what you might expect from me. Plans to tour the album with a band following the QE UK Tour are shaping up, and I will keep you posted as that solidifies more.

On a more summery note, it definitely hasn't been all work. Spending lots of time with my A-1 lady friend, grilling out with our (B-1 co-ed?) friends, adventuring to some beautiful Tennessee lakes, rivers and waterfalls, and doing fun creative projects around the house. Last weekend, while Crystal was away, I took the opportunity to surprise her by building her an entryway arbor on the back deck. She's been wanting one to grow ivy and flowers on for quite some time. Her reaction upon seeing it is second only to when she found out I was going to be on Ellen. Unfortunately, I do not have video footage. A fairly simple job, but I must say, if this whole music thing flops, I might like to try my hand at carpentry!

One last thing. Be on the lookout mid-August for another little video I made at home. I think you'll get a kick out of it! Hope you're all enjoying your Summer. See you soon!

The Queen Extravaganza return to action in September for a UK Tour. Tickets and dates can be found here.

(Photo: Kevin Wells)

Radio Ga Ga - New Live Footage!
July 24th 2014


Check out this performance of 'Radio Ga Ga' taken from the last North American Tour.

Order your UK Tour tickets now!

Sep 05 Reading The Hexagon

Sep 06 Leamington Spa The Assembly 

Sep 08 Cardiff St David's Hall

Sep 09 Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall Theatre 

Sep 11 Bristol O2 Academy

Sep 12 Nottingham Rock City

Sep 13 London 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Sep 15 Cambridge Corn Exchange

Sep 16 Leeds O2 Academy

Sep 18 Glasgow O2 ABC

Sep 19 Newcastle City Hall

Sep 20 Sailsbury City Hall

Sep 22 Cheltenham Town Hall

Sep 23 Worthing Pavilion Theatre 


Paul Bond (QUEX Tour Manager)...his summer so far!
July 23rd 2014



Since May, I have toured with Patti Russo across the UK, Goldfrapp at Body & Soul Festival in Ireland and then The West Holts Stage at Glastonbury, then Montreux with Chris Rea!

(Photo: Goldfrapp Live at Glastobury)

The Queen Extravaganza return to action in September for a UK Tour. Tickets and dates can be found @

Francois-Olivier Doyon update!
July 21st 2014



Since I came back from the Euro tour, I've been playing mostly festivals in the province of Québec with my 80's cover band, the Karma Kameleons. You know, wearing the wigs and fishnet tops!... In the last couple of weeks though, I've been really busy working on new projects, mainly with a four piece rock band that will blow a lot of people's minds away, and a trio that I will be fronting (yes, really!), playing bass and assuming lead vocals duty at the same time! First gigs will be happening at the end of August and, as you could expect, I couldn't be more excited about it... 

Can't wait for the September UK run!!!


The Queen Extravaganza return to action in September for a UK Tour. Tickets and dates can be found @

(Photo: Jim Templeton-Cross)

My Summer by Tyler Warren
July 15th 2014



I feel like I'm about to write a middle school paper with that title! Haha! Anyways, Since getting back from the European tour that we did in May, I've mainly been preparing for the two big things in my life at the moment: getting married to my sweetie Jessie Wyatt, and moving, both of which are happening at the beginning of August! So everything that goes with those things (wedding showers, invitations, packing, the music, cleaning up the wedding rehearsal dinner venue (aka my house)) keeps things crazy at the moment! Oh, and the last day of our honeymoon ends with a Soundgarden/Nine Inch Nails concert in Atlanta, GA. We're the cool couple.

I've done a few gigs here and there: filling in on guitar for my dad's band, the Allen Warren Band, while they were auditioning new guitarists; plotting out a few dates later this fall playing drums with Rachel Mac & the Revival; finishing up with mixing both of those bands' new albums; and another project you all will find out about soon enough...hehe.

Last but not least, after a good solid 1.5 years since my album "Fallout" was released, I’ve gotten the writing bug again. Some cool stuff's a-brewin', and I can't wait to get it down for all of you to hear!

Much love and humidity (get it, 'cause it's summer!),


The Queen Extravaganza return to action in September for a UK Tour. Tickets and dates can be found @

(Photo: Jim Templeton-Cross)

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