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Tyler's UK Crowd Compilation...The Return
October 14th 2014


A compilation of every show's crowd from the Queen Extravaganza's 2014 UK Tour from September 5 - September 23, 2014, straight from Tyler's iPhone (or Marc's iPhone this time, since Tyler's was in iPhone heaven). Try to find yourself in the crowd! 

Marc Martel - The Mercurotti
October 1st 2014


Marc Martel: "A duet of two of my favorite musical influences, Freddie Mercury and Luciano Pavarotti. This is one continuous performance from start to finish, shot in one take, using two cameras. No audio has been cut or replaced. I added the “Pavarotti” harmony for "Vincero, Vincero!" afterwards, since I have yet to master singing in both voices simultaneously. Stay tuned, though."

Get Martel's new album "Impersonator" here.

Shepherds Bush Empire - The Sound Check
September 17th 2014


Something a bit different...Shepherds Bush Empire - The Sound Check.

Take a look at what goes down on stage BEFORE the run throughs, discussions with MD Spike Edney, showing guests around...and, of course, lots of air guitar shape throwing...

Click here to check out the gallery.

Sep 18 Glasgow O2 ABC 

Sep 19 Newcastle City Hall 

Sep 20 Salisbury City Hall 

Sep 22 Cheltenham Town Hall

Sep 23 Worthing Pavilion Theatre.

For tickets head to

(Photos:TX63 Music Photography

The QUEX Are Rocking The Queen Homeland!
September 10th 2014


The band are taking the UK by storm!

Marc, Brandon, Tyler, Francios-Olivier and Nick are now four shows down and coming to town near you!

They have three new songs in the set list, plus a new bass and drum solo and have already smashed it in Reading, Leamington Spa, Cardiff and last night in Tunbridge Wells...and they have their sites set on the rest of the UK!

Click here for the remaining Tour Dates and ticket links.

We have lots of new official live photos over on Facebook, plus check out Marc's recent interview with BBC Leeds and some press that Roger did about the tour.

See you down the front!

(Photo:TX63 Music Photography

How a tour gets put together. The secrets are divulged!
September 2nd 2014

extra dates

How a tour gets put together. The secrets are divulged by Paul Bond (Queen Extravaganza Tour Manager)

We get many messages from fans around the world saying Come to Brazil, Come to Spain, Come to Mexico! These are all really appreciated, but it isn’t me or the band that decides where we play. To explain how things work in our world, here is how a tour gets put together.

First off, our Management team - that is Juliette Slater (Tour Director for Queen and Queen Extravaganza) in conjunction with Jim Beach (Queen and Queen Extravaganza’s Manager) sit down with our agents across the world and discuss which promoters in various countries have expressed a wish to host Queen Extravaganza. From there they decide which areas of interest make sense, both time wise and financially.

The next step, once a tour has been decided it to make sure the band are available and once we discover they are the project is turned over to me.

Firstly Trucks and Busses need to be sourced and booked. Next up is flights and hotels, no easy feat when you consider how many cities a tour visits. On our last European tour we visited 15 cities in 10 countries. From here I start to prepare the itinerary which details every day of the time away from home for all band and crew, this document includes every piece of information that will be useful to all concerned whist on tour.

At the same time I start to email / talk to all promoters and venues as to our technical requirements and flag up any potential challenges.

Whilst that is being done, elsewhere the Management Team are discussing set lists with Roger Taylor and Spike Edney and any new video footage from the Queen archives we may wish to use.

The time frame for the above is usually 3 - 4 months of pretty much solid work before a tour starts.

The magical day comes and we go into rehearsals to work on new additions to the set list and ensure our technical side is ready to hit the road.

Perhaps now you can understand why when we get requests to go here and there we can’t respond immediately? Tours take a long time to put together and are over and finished all too soon.

Whilst writing, we a a couple of days away from the start of the UK Queen Extravaganza tour and we are all really excited to be back in the UK and making more new friends as well renewing some already established ones from earlier tours!

See you down the road!

Paul Bond

The Queen Extravaganza UK Tour starts on September 5th in Reading - Ticket for all shows @

(Photo: Stephanie Turcotte)

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