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Performing "A Night At The Opera" by Tyler Warren
April 22nd 2015


"I've wondered for a while now what it would be like to actually perform one of their albums in its entirety, specifically ANATO, Sheer Heart Attack, News Of The World or The Game."

"At first I was a little apprehensive, knowing that we'd have to drop some good songs - more than likely the deep cuts I don't want to drop haha! - to make room for a whole album's worth of material that we've never played before, but the more I thought about it, and being a huge fan of 70's Queen, it really excited me to have the opportunity to blast through tunes like "Death on Two Legs", "Prophet's Song", and "'39", all songs I love, and all songs I figured I'd never get the chance to perform live with this band. I can't wait!!"

"And... I'm a little scared of "Good Company" and "Seaside Rendezvous" haha!...Maybe next time we'll do "Body Language" lol"

"As far as returning to the UK, I'm all about returning to the place that has really embraced us so far. I only hope that we can do the album justice in the land that helped propel this album to the legendary status that it has."

Tyler Warren - QUEX (Drums / Vocals)

For tickets to the UK Tour celebrating the album in FULL go to

(Photo: TX63 Music Photography

Ostend Show In Belgium Added To European Dates
April 2nd 2015


The Queen Extravaganza have announced another European show. The band will now play the Kursaal in Ostend, Belgium on August 13th.

Tickets are ON SALE NOW @

(Photo: TX63 Music Photography

March 31st 2015



The official Queen tribute show, produced by Queen drummer Roger Taylor, celebrates the band’s glorious music & live experience 

Following the resounding success of the Dutch show in Tilburg in May 2014, The Queen Extravaganza will perform in the Melkweg in Amsterdam on August 12th, 2015. The Queen Extravaganza is a spectacular touring concert show designed to take the glorious music and live experience of legendary rock band Queen and bring it to generations of fans. Two of Queen’s original band mates and songwriters— iconic drummer Roger Taylor and legendary guitarist Brian May—are the masterminds behind The Queen Extravaganza.

“The Queen Extravaganza is a brand new show specially designed to enable new fans, together with fans of old, to celebrate the music of Queen in a heart-stopping event, says Taylor. “It’s very spectacular, it’s very visual, there are going to be some shocks and some tremendous surprises. It will be a rock celebration in the Royal tradition.” 

Taylor personally has taken on the role of producer with long time Queen keyboardist Spike Edney as global music director. Together Taylor and Edney have created the ultimate Queen concert experience in an electrifying road show, which celebrates the band’s music and legacy as performed by a new generation of musical talent. 

The Queen Extravaganza band includes musicians selected by Taylor in a unique online talent search that culminated with the group’s performance on American Idol in 2012. The band is: vocalist Marc Martel; guitarist Nick Radcliffe; drummer Tyler Warren; bassist Francois-Olivier Doyon; and keyboardist and musical director Brandon Ethridge. "This band is now so frighteningly good, I would hate to have to follow them on stage," explains Taylor. 


Wednesday 12 August, Melkweg Amsterdam (The Max) 

Start: 19.30h

Tickets ON SALE NOW €25 + memb. available through

(Photo: TX63 Music Photography

March 27th 2015


New live date added! The QUEX is heading to Luxembourg on Saturday 8th August to play Den Atelier!

Tickets are on sale now @

(Please note: this show is NOT part of the A Night At The Opera 40th Anniversary run)

Marc Martel: US Solo Tour Announced
March 26th 2015



Marc Martel has just announced some solo lives dates in the US. The 'Say The Word' Spring tour dates are below. For more details and to buy tickets go to

5/3- Washington, DC

5/5- Boston, MA

5/6- New York City, NY

5/9- Pittsburgh, PA

5/13- Chapel Hill, NC

5/14- Atlanta, GA

5/15- Columbus, GA

5/20- St. Louis, MO

5/21- Evanston, IL

Marc's solo album 'Impersonator' is out now.

Download HERE >>

Buy a physical copy HERE >>

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