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'New' QUEX + Roger Taylor Video Interview
September 15th 2015

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Check out this 'new' interview shot last year during the QUEX visit to the Queen + Adam Lambert show in at Mohegan Sun.

Notes From The Road...Europe 2015 by Paul Bond
September 10th 2015

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Notes from the road…Queen Extravaganza - Luxembourg, Monaco, Holland, Belgium and Iceland

We gathered in Hammersmith to meet our tour bus, some eleven months since the end of the last Queen Extravaganza tour ended.

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We’ve all been busy doing other projects. I have been working with Chris Rea, Yusuf / Cat Stevens and Tom Odell. Other crew have been busy working with Jessie Ware, The Hurts, Marina & The Diamonds, Bryan Ferry and Lady Gaga amongst others! Marc has been on the road touring his first album in the USA (with Tyler) whilst Brandon has been involved with a new Broadway Musical and Nick has been working with The Kinks Musical in London as well as him and his partner having their first baby. Francois-Olivier is always busy with various bands in his home town of Quebec City!

The band remains the same line up as 2014 and we have been joined by a couple of new crew members - Jack Bowcher as Monitor Engineer (Chris Rea, Katherine Jenkins, Goldfrapp) and Dan Friar as Drum and Keyboard Tech (Lady Gaga). 

We also had a last minute replacement, when Oz, our Front of House Engineer for the last year had to have an emergency operation on his back - the day before the tour started…. Thankfully for us Tom New stepped in and looked after our sound. Some of you may recognise the name - as Tom is Queen & Adam Lambert’s Front of House Engineer for the South American tour about to start in Brazil. One of the many advantages of being the only Official Queen Tribute band!

We departed London on our gorgeous Tour Bus for Luxembourg, travelling through the night and arriving in the early hours outside the venue.

The day starts around 10am for myself and our crew with us loading in our gear and setting up throughout the day. Generally speaking the band sleep in until lunch time, although Brandon is the exception who gets up and explores the city we are in. The rest of us all work flat out to get everything set for sound check at 5pm. 

As you can see from the photo below we are often still working setting up when the sound check takes place!

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The first show was fantastic! We had fans travel from Germany to see the band perform and the place was rocking.

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After the show and loading out we departed for Monaco. The journey was 14 hours and we arrived in Monaco mid afternoon. I know having spoken to many who attend the shows that there is some surprise we travel by bus instead of flying. The tour bus makes a lot of sense in most cases, they are extremely well equipped with individual sleeping bunks, two lounges a kitchen and a toilet.

Monaco was a complete one-off and very special. The venue was The Sporting Club in the heart of Monte Carlo where the well heeled gathered to experience The Queen Extravaganza for the first time.

Marc quickly won over the audience and spent the rest of the show being showered with roses thrown onto the stage, as you can see from the photo below!

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We left Monaco at noon the next day, this time for Amsterdam. An even bigger journey with 20 hours and two drivers to get us to the next show in time.

We awoke alongside the famous Melkweg and hi ho hi ho it’s another show!

Amsterdam is always a great place to put a show on and I am sure this is not the last time The Queen Extravaganza perform here. The audience are very knowledgable and recognise a fantastic show when they see one.

From Amsterdam we made the short trip to Ostend in Belgium and a wonderful venue called The Kursaal right on the sea front and a beautiful beach.

From here we were heading to Iceland and finish our short tour with two sold out shows in the amazing Harpa venue. But first I had lined up a little surprise for the band and crew and we spent our first afternoon relaxing at The Blue Lagoon.

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The next day was back to work and started with a radio interview and acous-tic performance from Marc and Tyler. You might not know that Tyler plays a mean guitar as well as being a great drummer!

Then back to the venue for sound check.

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The Iceland shows were just incredible with every seat taken and the audience being very rock and roll!

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And so the tour ends.

Smiles on everyone’s faces, both from us and those who came to see the ever talented Queen Extravaganza.

Next stop Australia - we can't wait! So see you down-under!

Paul Bond (Tour Manager)

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Happy Birthday Freddie!
September 5th 2015

Happy Birthday Freddie! 20150905092658

Happy Birthday Freddie - Thank you!

Marc, Tyler, Francois-Olivier, Nick and Brandon


Donate to the Mercury Phoenix Trust @

Follow all today's action in Montreux at The Official Freddie Mercury Birthday on twitter, facebook and Queen's instagram @officialqueenmusic.

QUEX Interview & Unplugged in Iceland!
August 25th 2015

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Check out these great clips of Marc and Tyler performing acoustically and being interviewed during the band's time in Iceland at Radio Bylgjan.

Ask and answered: Marc Martel Interview
August 21st 2015

Ask and answered: Marc Martel Interview 20150821215854


Ask and answered: Marc Martel, lead singer of Queen Extravaganza - mademoisellewomen Interview.

Have you ever found yourself wondering how far Queen Extravaganza would go?

Yes. At the beginning, especially. There was a sense of newness and expectation, but wondering if it would be one tour, and then done, and wondering how it would be received by fans. But we’ve since proved ourselves time and time again, and every one of the 120+ shows we’ve put on so far has been a huge success. The sound we bring as a band is unmatched. We sound like Queen. We have the best musician for the job in every position – and we have a blast performing together. I hope this keeps going on for many years as a part of Queen’s true legacy.

Read the full interview here

Full dates for the Australian and UK Tours @

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