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  • RT @marcmartel: Recording lead vocals for ’The First Noel’ in my home studio today. I never fully appreciated how big of a vocal song this…

    6:36 AM - 21 Aug 17

  • RT @kimrichardsaa: Enjoy a spectacular version of @Queen's 'Under Pressure' by none other than @QueenExtrava! Freddy & David live on! https…

    6:35 AM - 21 Aug 17

  • RT @hmoriarty1909: @QueenExtrava @SpikesSASBand @QueenWillRock taken at Hammersmith show 2016! Fab gig!

    4:34 AM - 18 Aug 17

  • 48mins 25secs...

    6:32 AM - 14 Aug 17

  • Nearly a year ago...! What a night.

    5:02 AM - 11 Aug 17

'Hello, Cleveland!'
May 22nd 2012


New show added in Cleveland at the House Of Blues on June 4th!

For tickets head over to the TOUR & TICKETS section.

Follow Roger On QE Twitter
May 1st 2012


QE producer Roger Taylor is reporting from rehearsals in Canada via twitter! Be sure to follow Queen's legendary drummer at

QE Rock American Idol with Roger and Brian
April 28th 2012


National Post “…I’m sure Freddie Mercury was giving them a thumbs up from the heavens as they hit every note bang on, just as he would have.” “(Marc Martel’s) ability to sound like Freddie Mercury remains staggering.” “…sounded magnificent…”

The Hollywood Reporter “(Freddie) Mercury would approve.”

Ultimate Classic Rock “The musicians selected by May and Taylor blew the ‘Idols’ completely off the stage…” “If you missed Queen during the 70's and 80's, be prepared to be impressed." 

Fox News “The new band not only has musical chops, but they actually physically resemble the members of the original Queen, circa 1975.”

AV Club “…legitimately entertaining…”

Christian Science Monitor “(Marc Martel) did a gorgeous job.”

Tickets for the Queen Extravaganza are on sale now at

New QE Promo Clip
April 25th 2012


New promo clip for the Queen Extravaganza US Summer Tour!

If you are in the US be sure to tune in to American Idol on Thursday night at 8pm on Fox to see vocalists Marc, Jeff, Yvan, Jennifer, bassist Francois, guitarists Brian and Tristan, drummer Tyler and keyboardist & musical director Brandon rip through a special version of the classic 'Somebody To Love'.

Tickets for the tour are on sale now at

Queen Extravaganza Jam
April 24th 2012

QE jam

With Queen hitting the American Idol stage on Wednesday night and the Extravaganza band then playing on Thursday the guys decided a jam session was in order during their stay in LA! Check out the image above, plus see couple more over on our Facebook page.

Watch American Idol on FOX from 8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed

Buy tickets for the Queen Extravaganza.

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