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Long Island Show Gallery
January 20th 2013

long island

Click here to check out an image gallery from the recent QEX show at Long Island.

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VIDEO: Another One Bites The Dust Live!
January 18th 2013


Jennifer Espinoza To Feature At Breakthru The 2013 North American Queen Convention
January 16th 2013


The Official North American Queen Convention Breakthru has grown and strives to be a yearly event: living and breathing Rock-n-roll at its finest.  Since its inception, the convention has been held in Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit and Atlanta, but this year for the first time, it will be in ...TORONTO, CANADA. This will be the 11th Official Queen Convention in North America.

Attendees have come from all over the globe for this 3 day event. Known for its hospitality, outrageous costume contests, brutal trivia, live entertainment, charity auction, room parties and so much more, Breakthru has become one of the premiere Queen Gatherings for fans. We take Freddie's instructions to heart; 'whatever you do, do it with style'

Some of the planned highlights for this year’s convention are:

·         KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE Charity Concert and Dinner Buffet celebrating the 40th anniversary of Queen’s first album release on July 13, 1973

·         Two Live Bands, Simply Queen and Wild T & The Spirit

·         Special Guests including:

Jennifer Espinoza (Queen Extravaganza)

Alana Bridgewater (WWRY-Toronto)

Jacky Smith (OIQFC)

·         Magic Tour to Niagara Falls (pre-convention trip on July 11)

·         Rock It Tour of Toronto (Downtown Trip on Friday July 12 during the day)

·         Star for a Night Live Karaoke (become Freddie for a song and front a Live Band)

·         Regular convention activities, such as Trivia, Auctions, Costume Contest, Swap Meet, Late Night Disco and more...

Register at: 

Proceeds in support of the Mercury Phoenix Trust and the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto.

Please visit our stand and look for Breakthru representatives at the venues where Queen Extravaganza plays over the next few weeks!

Facebook Group

Facebook Event

For European Fans, a trip package is coming soon at

The QEX "Put On A Stellar Show" - Long Island Review
January 16th 2013


The Queen Extravaganza, Live on Long Island By Christian A.             

The official tribute to Queen put on a stellar show at Huntington’s Paramount theater last night.

It is clear to see why original drummer Roger Taylor would produce and endorse the Queen Extravaganza as the official tribute to Queen. Last night’s show at the Paramount was exactly what the name promised—a spirited, expertly executed, extravagant homage to one of the 20th century’s biggest bands.

The show kicked off with drummer Tyler Warren nailing the vocals on a high octane rendition of “We Will Rock You” as bassist François-Olivier Doyon and guitarist Brian Gresh ran about the stage, livening up the crowd with an energy that showed off the band’s harder side. Keyboardist Brandon Ethridge and singer Marc Martel joined the band next, rounding out the 5-piece stage presence often used by Queen themselves when touring with Spike Edney as their live keyboardist.

Martel’s presence walked an interesting line, employing many of the same mannerisms of Freddie Mercury while providing enough of his own twist to offer the show something more than simple mimicry. As Jennifer Espinoza entered the stage it was made quite clear this cooperative of Queen enthusiasts were dead-set on living up their status as the Queen tribute to see not just for their ability to perform the band’s songs accurately, but for breathing a respectful amount of freshness into the concert. Espinoza’s voice offered a wonderful counterpoint to Martel’s for the songs on which she sang lead, and a perfect complement on others—such as the classic Queen-David Bowie duet, “Under Pressure”—where vocal duties were split more evenly.

Between the two full-time singers, Warren’s vocal contributions from behind the drum kit, and some help from the rest of the band on backup, the Queen Extravaganza’s voices harmonized as well as their performances congealed before the audience. Though it is sadly impossible to ever witness Freddie Mercury on stage again, this tribute is certainly one worth seeing for any fan wishing to catch a glimpse of the timeless spectacle that is Queen. Hopefully the opportunity to do so will return to The Paramount and Long Island before long.

Tickets for the rest of the tour are available now at

Queen Extravaganza Rocks The Paramount and Set List
January 15th 2013


Band turns back the clock to the days of Freddie Mercury and Queen. 

Queen Extravaganza brought the spirit of Freddie Mercury to The Paramount Sunday night for a packed crowd of Queen fans.  Performing songs like "Don't Stop Me Now," "Another One Bites The Dust," "Under Pressure," "We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions" they did their creator, Roger Taylor proud. 

Click here for gallery images.

The band was created by original Queen drummer Roger Taylor through a series of YouTube auditions from around the world.  Marc Martel's uncany ability to channel the sound of Queen just makes the show, and sent his video audition viral with millions of YouTube views in under a day.

Click here for tickets for remaining shows.

The Queen Extravaganza Set List

We Will Rock You (Fast) (Tyler on vocals)

Killer Queen (Marc)

I Want To Break Free (Marc)

Dragon Attack (Jennifer)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Marc) 

Love Of My Life (Marc)

Don’t Stop Me Now (Marc / Jennifer)

Lazing On A Sunday (Marc)

I’m In Love With My Car (Tyler)

Bohemian Rhapsody (Marc)

Under Pressure (Marc / Jennifer)

A Kind Of Magic (Tyler)

You’re My Best Friend (Jennifer)

Drum Solo

Stone Cold Crazy (Tyler)

Another One Bites The Dust (Jennifer / Tyler / Marc)

The Show Must Go On (Marc)

Radio Ga Ga (Marc)

Fat Bottomed Girls (Jennifer / Marc)

Somebody To Love  / Intros (Marc)


We Will Rock You (Marc)

We Are The Champions (Marc)

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