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Tour Highlights: Jennifer
March 6th 2013



Tour Highlight: The usual suspects  would stay up late on the bus including me.  One night I was  just about ready to go to bed around 5am when Marc opens the door to the front lounge on the bus to use the bathroom in nothing but his UNDERWEAR!,  I start laughing hysterically, he closes the door immediately, goes back to put pants on, we look at eachother confused as to what just happened till he came back explaining that he thought we'd be asleep.

My favorite song: I honestly don't have a favorite song, but Stone Cold Crazy is a good jam. I do enjoy performing Somebody to Love and Another One Bites the Dust. I love the crowd participation.

My favorite gig: My favorite gig was definitely Montreal. The vibe, the crowd, and just the fact that it was an arena.

(photo: Stephanie Turcotte)

Tour Highlights: Brian
March 6th 2013


Tour Highlight: I have so many moments I will cherish from the tour.  One was Roger Taylor handing me the left-handed Red Special in Quebec at sound check.  It's a wonderful sounding and playing guitar.  It was very generous for Queen to provide it for my use.  I loved that my wife Ashley was able to make it to the week in Quebec City; it was the coldest weather either of us had ever experienced!  Like -47°F wind chill.  Seeing the audience's reaction at every show was a big highlight.  They would all be going wild by the end of each show, singing along, standing up, cheering and doing all the arm motions.  Playing the Montreal Bell Center felt incredible especially since it was my first time to play in an arena.  This was also probably our rowdiest crowd of the tour, tons of fun!  Behind the scenes the whole tour was a very enjoyable experience as well because everybody in the touring personnel likes to have fun yet also maintains a good work ethic and professional attitude.

Favourite Song: This is a tough choice; I enjoy the songs for different reasons.  I love to play the Doc's classic solos such as on Bohemian Rhapsody and Killer Queen, they are such masterpieces.  Also love the high energy of Stone Cold Crazy.  I really enjoy watching the band and Marc perform Love of My Life, it always blows me away to see such musicianship and emotion.  It really touches the audience too and sometimes they give a standing ovation on that number, even though it's right at the beginning of the show!  Trading licks with Jenn at the end of Dragon Attack is really fun.  She sings with such passion and fire, it's like I'm fighting a dragon with my guitar.  When we play Tie Your Mother Down during the encore it feels like it's a party in the room, great energy on that one.  Then I think ending with WWRY and Champions is so awesome; the crowd's reaction is great to see.  These songs really get them riled up!

Best Gig: I feel from a guitar playing standpoint, Toronto may have been my personal best.  It was where I kinda settled in and got into the groove this tour.  Montreal was really a standout gig because it was so large with such great energy from the crowd, and we could play to the sides of the stage as well as the front.  It felt very special when Roger Taylor and Jim Beach attended the 3rd Quebec City show.  It was so awesome and encouraging to hear their positive feedback on our performance!

Brian (Guitar / Backing Vocals)

(photo: Stephanie Turcotte)

Tour Highlights: Tyler
February 12th 2013


Tour Highlight: The highlight of the tour, I guess I could say, was feeling a little more like a real band this time around. In many ways. The crowds were a real highlight as well! Greater numbers, and great responses every night (well, most nights lol). And those paint-flavored nachos. Yum?

Oh, and Francois' impersonations.

Favorite song: I'm not entirely sure I have an absolute favorite. It's great hearing the crowd on "Somebody To Love". It's great hearing Marc go for it on "The Show Must Go On". It's great trying to NOT get tongue tied with singing and drums on "Stone Cold Crazy". The drum solo is fun too, especially because that's my moment of freedom. I'm not confined to doing it the same every time if I don't want to, and I love that.

Best gig: EASILY Montreal. The arena gig. What a crowd. And what an energy level from the band. Just a completely stellar show, all around. Loved it!

Tyler (Drums / Vocals)

(photo: Stephanie Turcotte)

Tour Highlights: Brandon
February 11th 2013


My favourite moment happened many times. While traveling to the next show, the entire band and our tour manager, Paul, would usually sit in the front lounge of the bus, just talking, drinking and laughing. No cell phones, no computers, no music, no TV. What a beautiful family!!

My favorite gig? The show in Montreal. There's nothing like playing for thousands of people in an arena.

My favourite song: Love of My Life. I love singing backing vocals with Tyler and Francois. And Marc sings lead perfectly.

Brandon (MD/Keyboards)

(photo: Stephanie Trucotte)

"Thank You North America!"
February 4th 2013


The latest US and Canadian Queen Extravaganza Tour is now sadly over, but worry not, we will be back! Plus of course there is that 20 date residency in Quebec this August to enjoy!

Look out for more updates!

Thank you North America, you are helping us turn this into something VERY special!

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