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May 31st 2013


The Queen Extravaganza rolls on! NINE new shows have been added to the live schedule in September starting with a show in Ottawa on September 3rd coming straight off their 20 dates residency in Quebec. 

Tickets are ON SALE NOW -  full info below.

SEP 03 Ottawa, ON Scotiabank Place - BUY TICKETS

SEP 05 Halifax, NS Rebecca Cohn Auditorium - BUY TICKETS

SEP 06 Moncton, NB Casino New Brunswick - BUY TICKETS

SEP 08 Lebanon, NH Lebanon Opera House - BUY TICKETS

SEP 09 Red Bank, NJ Count Basie Theatre - BUY TICKETS

SEP 10 Niagara Falls, NY Rapids Theatre - BUY TICKETS

SEP 11 Morristown, NJ Mayo Performing Arts Center - BUY TICKETS

SEP 13 Bethlehem, PA Sands Bethlehem Event Center - BUY TICKETS

SEP 14 Westbury, NY Theatre at Westbury - BUY TICKETS

Tickets for all the Queen Extravaganza's dates can be found at

(photo by Stephanie Turcotte)

New Promo Spot For Quebec Shows
May 13th 2013

qex Play Their Biggest Show To Date!

Tickets are on sale now! @


Tour Highlights: Paul Bond (Tour Manager)
April 8th 2013



Tour Highlight: This is an easy question for me! It was seeing the band in its' new form come together in Pennsylvania for rehearsals and gel  better than ever before to develop into a tight rock band. The transformation was just incredible!

Another memorable moment was when we managed to sneak Roger Taylor and Jim Beach into Quebec City, Canada - no mean feat in itself - and then into the venue during sound check to surprise the band! It was a tad clandestine and so good when it paid off, the band were blown away. 

Favourite song: Tie your Mother down! 

I had to persuade the Queen Management, the Global Music Supervisor and the Queen Tour Director that this song should be included. I only got the go-ahead when we were in Quebec City and it has remained ever since! Thanks in no small part to the audience response to hearing it. It really is an iconic Queen number and it's a great number to perform for everyone concerned.

Favourite show: Montreal. 

As with the majority of the band I agree that Montreal was really special. The Bell Centre was our only arena show for the last tour. It takes a lot of work from a production perspective to pull off a gig like this. We brought in the best PA system from Clair Bros which had just been used on a Bruce Springsteen arena tour. We invested in additional lights. All this meant a huge amount of work for our Show Designer, Lighting Operator and Front of House Engineer, not to mention our talented back-line team, but all the work was worth it when we were greeted by an amazing Montrealaise audience who loved every minute of the show. This amazing band that is The Queen Extravaganza rose to the challenge and according to all the reviews took it in their stride and performed as never before....

It's nights like this that we who are behind the scenes live for.

Tour Highlights: Francois-Oliver
April 3rd 2013



Tour highlight: There were tons of amazing, cherishable moments on this leg of the tour. But I guess it’s no secret to anyone that my tour highlight was definitely the week we played at le Capitole, in Québec City: at home!!! Getting to see my friends and family, night after night, smiling throughout the audience is a feeling one can never forget. And being invited on the biggest and most popular local television and radio shows, although nerve-wracking, is also pretty neat as well.

Favourite gig: This one belongs to Montreal’s Bell Centre, hands down. The energy and vibe you get from a 5000+ crowd is indescribable! Plus for a musician from the province of Québec, getting to play the largest and most famous venue there is east of the country is a dream come true. And catching a glimpse of my brother, his wife and my goddaughter sending me heart-shaped hand signs right after the encore literally brought me to tears…

Favourite song: This is so tough: how can you pick one, really? I love Killer Queen for it’s smooth groove, Don’t Stop Me Now for it’s relentless, urging drive, Somebody To Love because that’s the one that started it all for us, but if I were to pick the one that’s constantly giving me goosebumps and that represents the emotional climax of the show, it would without a doubt be The Show Must Go On. This is probably the most powerful song of the set because of the lyrics, the music, the fact that it is literally Freddie Mercury’s testament. All 6 of us are singing on this number as well and although Freddie never got to sing it live before he died, I’m sure he’s smiling from up there every time we get to that moment during the show since Marc’s rendition is so heartfelt and hauntingly beautiful…

(photo by Stephanie Turcotte)

Tour Highlights: Marc
March 18th 2013


Tour highlights were numerous on our latest run through the North East.Ottawa's completely sold-out show at the NAC was a phenomenon all itself. I'd say Ottawa wins the "rowdiest crowd award." Spending a week in Quebec City and being reacquainted with the Canadian winter was... invigorating. But Montreal stole the show for me. To perform in the Bell Center, home of my home-town hockey team, and to play to such a vast, energetic crowd was a thing I'll never forget. Also, Montreal being where Queen gave one of the most iconic performances of their career made the whole night very cathartic.

With the new configuration of the band, everyone is having to work a little harder, but I believe that is making the QE an even tighter unit because all of us have risen to the occasion. I was unsure about the added strain on my vocal health, now having more songs to sing. But why should we be surprised when the harder we work, the better we sound! Having a blast working (if I can call it that) alongside five dedicated, talented musicians. I'm loving having the chance to sing some more fun rockers like "Bites The Dust," which allows me to get in touch with our audiences even more.

Hope to see you all soon!

(photo: Stephanie Turcotte)

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