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Official Queen Extravaganza Q&A with bass man Francois-Olivier Doyon
September 17th 2013



• How do you prepare for each show? Any rituals?

Fix my hair first (laughs). Make sure I look decent enough to go on stage. At some point, I stop talking and just be in my own little world to try and focus on what’s coming up. And then we do vocal warm up. The five minutes right before the curtain falls, I’m always a little nervous. I need that five minutes for myself to breathe in and breathe out and think about what’s coming up.

• How do you unwind after a show?

I always like the after-show beer when we can gather with each other and just chit chat and not think about what’s coming up and what just happened. We let it go for a while. It’s always nice to gather with the band and not have to think about things.

• For you, what’s the best part of the show?

Hard to say because there are so many great moments. There are songs in the show that I love very much. When we go from “Love of My Life” into “Don’t Stop Me Now” that’s a pretty emotional moment right there and it gets you to one of the peaks of the show, which is “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Also “The Show Must Go On” is one of the most emotional moments of the show for me. Marc does an amazing rendition of the song.

• What are your impressions of meeting the fans every night?

It’s always a great time. We always get an amazing reaction from the crowd and they’re always eager to meet us. The fact that we’re hanging out with them means a lot to them and it means a lot to us.

• What one item do you miss most from home?

It’s weird, but I would say my washer and dryer. 

Which band mate has the best hair?

Jennifer. She always has really funky hair which I love and Brian has great hair as well.

• Do your band mates have any funny (odd) quirks or habits?

I tend to do a lot of impersonations. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

• What are your thoughts on touring the UK?

It’s going to be awesome. It’s going to be nerve-wracking to play in the birthland of Queen. And I guess we’re going to perform for people who have seen Queen live. And we’re going to perform in front of people who were part of Queen…Roger, Brian, Spike . It’s the next big step that’s going to take Queen Extravaganza to a whole new level.

VIDEO: Jennifer Espinoza at Breakthru 2013
September 16th 2013


Jennifer Espinoza chats with fans at Queen Breakthru, the official North American Queen convention (Toronto, July 13, 2013)

Official Queen Extravaganza Q&A with guitarist Brian Gresh!
September 13th 2013


How do you prepare for each show? Any rituals?

I just get dressed, do vocal warm ups, grab my guitar to loosen up my fingers a little bit. Right before we go on, the music builds a lot of suspense and I can feel my heart pumping and I take a few deep breaths to meditate a bit.

How do you unwind after a show?

Reflect on the show a little. I’m really pumped after the show and It’s amazing see ting the crowd reaction every night. It’s a real adrenaline rush

For you, what’s the best part of the show?

One of my favorite parts is playing “Stone Cold Crazy” because it’s a high energy song. Also, I love the encore because of the crowd participation, they’re all pumped up. 

Favorite song in the show?

“Bohemian Rhapsody” is one of my favorite songs to play. Also “Killer Queen” and “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon”. I like starting off with the fast version of “We Will Rock You”. It’s hard to choose a favourite. 

What one item do you miss most from home?

My wife.

Which band mate has the best hair?

Everyone has a very unique hair style. Each one is rock n roll in its own way, and gives a visual glimpse of how diverse our backgrounds are.

Do your band mates have any funny (odd) quirks or habits?

Francois loves to make impersonations of people. That’s funny when he does that. 

What are your thoughts on touring the UK?

I’m really really excited. It will be another dream come true to tour in that part of the world. I’m excited to see all of the pubs and all the people. It’s a really rock and roll part of the world. It’s a dream!

Next Up: Bass Man Francois Olivier Doyon!

(photo: Stephen Ruxton)

UK Tour: The Brook, Southampton - SOLD OUT!
September 10th 2013


"Delighted to hear the Extravaganza's first UK gig is sold out! Miss this amazing band at your peril." 

Roger Taylor


OCT 25 Southampton, UK The Brook - SOLD OUT

OCT 27 Birmingham, UK O2 Academy

OCT 28 Oxford, UK O2 Academy

OCT 29 Bournemouth, UK O2 Academy

OCT 30 Liverpool, UK O2 Academy

NOV 01 Sheffield, UK O2 Academy

NOV 02 Leicester, UK O2 Academy

NOV 03 Newcastle, UK O2 Academy

NOV 04 Glasgow, UK O2 ABC

NOV 06 London, UK O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

NOV 07 Reading, UK Sub 89

NOV 08 Worthing, UK Assembly Hall

NOV 10 Bath, UK Komedia

NOV 11 Manchester, UK Gorilla

NOV 12 Bristol, UK The Fleece

Order your tickets through:

5 Star Review in Halifax!
September 9th 2013


The Queen Extravaganza Rock Halifax by Stephen Ruxton

If you are anywhere near a city that is among their tour dates and love Queen as much as I do, you really need to check this band out. I have never personally seen Queen perform live so I can’t make a fair comparison. I can however say the The Queen Extravaganza took me on a journey through the Queen catalog that left me wanting more.

Verdict: 5/5

Click here to read the full review.
(Note: apparently this is the first 5/5 review at the venue.....ever!)
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