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Notes From The Road #4 - Part 4: Bournemouth
January 6th 2014


We travelled overnight to Bournemouth after the show in our beautiful tour bus which housed and provided sleeping bunks for all 14 of the touring party..... 

That is six band;

Marc Martel - Lead Vocals

Brandon Ethridge - Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Brian Gresh - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Francois-Olivier Doyon - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals 

Jennifer Espinoza - Vocals

Tyler Warren - Drums, Vocals 

Plus our talented crew;

Matthew Manasse - Front of House Engineer 

Ross Anderson - Monitor Engineer

Nick Ohl - Stage Manager and Guitar Tech 

Willie T. Cole - Keyboard and Drum Tech 

Ali Pike - Lighting Director 

Nev Bull - Video Director 

Becca Tovey - Wardrobe & Merchandise 

and myself as Tour Manager.

Not forgetting Patrick Davison our Tour Bus driver from Beat The Street and Craig our Truck Driver from Fly By Nite who got us and our gear safely from city to city.

This might be an opportunity to acknowledge all those not on the road but essential to the project. They are;

Roger Taylor (Producer)

Jim Beach (Queen’s Manager)

Juliette Slater (Queen Extravaganza and Queen’s Tour Director)

Rob Sinclair (Lighting Designer)

Spike Edney (Global Music Supervisor)

Nick Weymouth (Web Master at Queen Online)

Jeffrey Bryant (Wardrobe Designer)

Ashley Stevenson (UK Publicist)

Paul Roberts & Phil McIntyre (Co Promoters - Phil McIntyre Entertainments)

Ian Richards (Co Promoters - o2 Academy Music Group)

Alex Murray (Co Promoter - One Inch Badge)

Yes it takes this many people to make a performance like ours work every day.

Bournemouth challenged us again with their small stage and lack of any back stage access - but collectively we made it work and rewarded the sold out venue with an incredible performance. Those who were there might have spotted Roger Taylor in the audience with our co-promoter Phil McIntyre enjoying every moment!

After a couple of celebratory drinks with Roger and Phil we left and hit the road and again to head overnight to Liverpool.

Next: Liverpool

Paul Bond (QUEX Tour Manager)

Notes From The Road #4 - Part 3: Oxford
December 19th 2013


Above is sound check at Oxford. Here we had a special guest watching our every move. Spike Edney, Queen’s keyboard player and our own Global Music Supervisor.

Oxford proved to be another sell out and the audience loved the band. It was also great to bump into one of our travelling fans who had already been to two of our performances in the USA and had now been to Birmingham and Oxford too!

Next gig: Bournemouth

Paul Bond (QUEX Tour Manager)

Notes From The Road #4 - Part 2: Birmingham
December 18th 2013


We awoke outside the venue on our tour bus, having travelled there overnight and the day begins for the crew. Here the worlds of band and crew separate. The crew day will begin at load-in which for us on this tour was 11am, so breakfast on the bus at 10.30am and hi ho hi ho it’s off to work we go. Our truck is waiting to be unloaded and so the days work starts.

Our objective is to get the venue ready for the band’s sound check at 5pm and it usually takes every minute of those 6 hours to get to that stage. Meanwhile the band rest - in particular they need vocal rest, especially on a tour like this where we play for 5 days straight and then have one day off. The band’s social movements during the day differ from band member to band member - no names - but some are known as vampires, not getting up until the sun is going down.... one of the band is always up early and likes to get out to see the local surroundings, whilst others rise at different times of the day.

The venue and audience in Birmingham were fantastic and we started to get a feel as to how the band were going down. We were all so pleased with the way the band were being received! It was here that we first heard the awaiting crowd start to STOMP STOMP CLAP whilst waiting for the band to come on stage. This spread to just about every other venue we played.

It was also really encouraging to meet fans at the signing table after the show who had been to see the band in Southampton and on the strength of that had travelled to Birmingham to catch them again. This became a repeating occurrence throughout the tour!

Paul Bond (QUEX Tour Manager)

(Photo: a packed Birmingham show!)

Notes From The Road #4 - Part 1: From Las Vegas To The UK!
December 11th 2013



Our tour kicked off again with a visit to Las Vegas. 

This wasn’t publicised as it was a private corporate event and we had the honour of playing at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace to 5000 people. We also had a friend of the band, American Comedian Carrot Top sneaked in to see us perform. The stage at The Colosseum is 125 feet long and is one of the longest permanent stages in the world.

We left Las Vegas the next day on the 23rd and headed across the Atlantic for our first tour outside of North America and to the homeland of Queen, the UK.

For the majority of the band this would be their first time in the UK and for some their first trip outside of North America. We were all anxious as to how we would be received. This tour had been planned to introduce the band to a new territory by playing small venues. However, it quickly became obvious that the British were as excited as we were when we quickly sold out and had to upgrade to larger venues! Although they would still be smaller than the band were used to in the USA and Canada.

The tour started with a warm up gig in Southampton where it was a challenge to get all of our gear into the building. But we did, somehow, and played to our first UK sold out crowd who loved the performance. Some of the more observant amongst them might have identified Roger Taylor on the balcony...

Next stop...Birmingham.

Paul Bond (QUEX Tour Manager)

Notes From The Road Feature To Come...
December 4th 2013


Look out for an extended feature by QUEX Tour Manager Paul Bond - 'Notes From The Road: Las Vegas to the UK' is on its way!

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